Monday, December 04, 2006

a note, boys and girls

Today marks the first of the 06/07 winter season's serious snows. Its been snowing all day, so the roads are pretty slippery, and people are driving pretty slow, myself included. Pedestrians... when the roads are covered in snow and people are driving slowly, its not out of consideration to allow you to jaywalk. People are driving slowly because they can't stop, so if you in all of your pedestrian stupidity walk out in front of a car (even if its going slowly), you are just as much in danger of being run over. Especially since most cars haven't got winter tires on right now. SO you stupid inconsiderate wankers, STOP WALKING OUT IN TRAFFIC EXPECTING IT TO STOP because one of these days you WILL get run over!

Oh yes, I also got my hair cut (again), and I'm no longer a blonde. See below :)

I apologize for the strange fuzzy picture... I guess thats what happens when you take photos in the mirror.

Have a nice day everyone :)