Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I've been working on a full sheet (18x24inch) heron for months now. It started as a white egret, then morphed to a blue heron, and then I didn't like that and wiped it out and started a completely different heron. Here are some of the stages (I didn't get any pictures of the egret). To the left is the first blue heron. Yeah, I know it sucks. That's why I brushed it out and started again. Below are two sketches of the heron I'm working on now. Much more interesting arrangement of wings, etc. The right is the heron, and the left is the compositional sketch of how the finished one is going to look in terms of layout, value, etc.

This next one is the piece as it stands now. The head is brushed out because I'm having trouble with it. Not perfect by any means, but already this one looks way better than the first heron I tried on this piece of paper.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These look very interesting! I thought that the first one was not all that bad but when I saw your value scketch it is much better. Keep it up, I lookforward to seeing it finished. Funny how some pictures are so laborious and others are much easier, eh?

Talk to you soon I hope.


5:09 AM  

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